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Having great products, great advertising and great merchandising is only half of the battle. Developing a well-trained staff at the retail level is where the most successful organizations are now putting their attention. They realize that the people on the sales floor are ultimately the ones responsible for moving that merchandise and building on their success.

The Friedman Group has created an extensive amount of customized, sales-generating programs in the areas of:

These programs are available in cost-effective eLearning, video, audio and written formats, as well as live presentations via seminars, workshops and speeches. For more information on how we can develop a customized program that accomplishes your goals, contact one of our account executives today.

A few of our manufacturing and retail association partners have detailed how our programs and systems have impacted their organizations in the quotations below.

"Our long association with The Friedman group continues to increase both professionalism and profits for our 720 member stores. Ultimately it's the people on the sales floor that make the difference and that's where The Friedman Group has provides the missing link. We can always count on them to hit the mark in developing a customized sales, management or product knowledge training program that delivers results."

"Over the last 13 years, La-Z-Boy has worked with many well-known consultants to provide our dealers with the finest sales training programs available. Unfortunately, it took us 10 of those years to discover The Friedman group. The customized, video supported, self-study system that we developed with them is now in its fourth printing and still going strong. It is the most successful program we have ever done, because it does one thing the others didn't. It works!"

Tom Zollar, Director of Retail Services

"I wanted to update you on the success throughout our organization as a result of our Sales Management System developed by your company. The net results of the program has produced bottom line dollars for every company within our network that has implemented it. I have seen documented proof of additional net profits of up to $200,000 annually as a result of the program. Remember, our membership does not consist of large companies (average annual volume of $1.9 million) - so such increases are very large for our companies. It is our experience that the program appears to be one where bottom line results are virtually guaranteed!"

Jack Testor, Executive Director

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