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Product Knowledge Training

Guarantee your salespeople are the experts your customers expect them to be.

Without a firm grasp of product knowledge, your salespeople will be missing the key to gaining your customers' trust and the ultimate ability to influence their buying decisions. Your salespeople's product knowledge can bring your products to life while building the sale to capitalize on a customer's emotional connection with your merchandise.

Your customized product knowledge training program will:
  • Train your salespeople how to translate product features into benefits and ultimately make those emotional connections that cause customers to buy
  • Ensure that every salesperson in every store receives thorough, consistent and professional training on your products
  • Show salespeople how and why they should use product knowledge to express instead of impress
  • Avoid the five reasons that keep new hires and veterans from effectively using their product knowledge

"Product knowledge training is not for us."

A concern of retailers in some industries, particularly those with hi-tech product lines, is investing in product knowledge training where the products change so rapidly that the training can quickly become outdated. Our solution is to provide category-specific product knowledge training, instead of brand-specific product knowledge training.

When features change quickly on a wide range of individual brands or product lines, training can become too overwhelming for effective learning and retention. Of greater value is infusing salespeople with the knowledge of major components within a category so they can speak of and sell those components effectively, across multiple brands.

Other retailers feel that making available a formal training program isn't necessary because they have a resident product expert, oftentimes a buyer or manager. Just because the buyer or manager is an expert at product knowledge, doesn't necessarily mean they are an expert at effectively teaching that knowledge to their staff. Two different skill sets are required.

Manufacturer's representatives are another avenue often relied upon; however, they are not always available to train when needed, nor are they consistent with their message. With all that a manager has going on while running a store, the transfer of product knowledge information is rarely consistent from one staff member to the next unless a formal training program is in place. A formal product knowledge training program will take that burden off their shoulders and provide an ongoing and consistent methodology for teaching product knowledge at the store level.

We can help you develop a cost-effective, comprehensive product knowledge training program using eLearning, complete with videos, quizzes and tracking systems to see how each individual and store are doing, or DVD-based training using video and workbooks. Both will develop a staff whose expertise will draw customers back again and again. Give us a call today and find out how we can help your salespeople give life to your merchandise.

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