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Training for Store Management
Sales and product knowledge training are essential, but their effects are minimized if your salespeople are not held accountable for their on-the-floor performance. A structured management training program that increases the productivity of each individual is the way to increase the sales of the organization as a whole.

We offer a wide variety of training programs and systems to support each of the following areas:
  • Store Management
  • Advanced Sales Management
  • Recruiting & Hiring Certification
  • Coaching
We utilize our time-tested and proven sales management systems to tailor and adjust our store management training program to fit your specific needs. Although your company may have differences in core competencies, values and operating methods, the business of retailing is quite comparable. Our store management systems have proven to deliver millions of dollars in sales improvements to retailers all over the world using the framework of our system.

Your customized management training program will:
  • Provide a consistent system for training store and district managers
  • Develop the skills of managers to motivate, train and coach salespeople whether their sales should drop, go up or level off
  • Make it easy to objectively evaluate and hold each individual, store, and district accountable for their performance
  • Create a pool of potential new managers, trained in advance, so that a lack of managers is never an obstacle to expansion
  • Instill the discipline necessary to uphold company standards
  • Give managers at every level an action plan to reduce fire-fighting and focus on posting sales increases
Let us help you take your company to the next level by building a sales-driven, high-performance floor. Contact us today.

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