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We can help you keep your operational issues from preventing sales.

Does this sound familiar, "What do we do when.?" or, "No one ever told me that before"? Having a comprehensive, up-to-date policy and procedure manual might be one of the largest operational and management tasks initially overlooked by many of our clients.

If your policies and procedures aren't written, they aren't real, and employees cannot truly be held accountable for them. When you actually put this information in writing, the number of inconsistencies, assumptions and just plain guesses on how you would like to have things done, virtually disappear.

If you have not had the time to develop a complete policy and procedure manual, or it has been quite a while since the last update, give us a call. We can quickly move your organization from undocumented and chaotic to defined, systematic and in control.

A customized Policy and Procedure Manual and Orientation Program for new employees will:
  • Standardize your rules to maintain consistency and order
  • Develop a system for documenting and easily updating your policies and procedures
  • End random decisions and spur-of-the-moment policies
  • Eliminate the "no one ever told me that" excuse
  • Guarantee that all new hires are properly trained and held accountable
  • Protect your organization from costly labor disputes
  • Check for comprehension and ability to perform operational tasks, whether entry-level sales or store manager
Let us help you put your thumbprint on your retail training and take your company from mildly to wildly successful.

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