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26 03, 2018

The Art of Customer Engagement

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The Art of Customer Engagement How to break through a customer’s defensive shield and connect in today’s retail world In today’s retail environment foot traffic into a physical store has never been scarcer, while the ability to purchase from anywhere, anytime has never been simpler. Yet, on occasion a customer will still decide to break out of their online purchasing habit and stroll into a physical retail store. So they made it in, and you as an owner or salesperson get excited! You start [...]

18 04, 2016

Making Conversation Makes for Great Sales

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Making Conversation Makes for Great Sales "May I help you?" "Is there anything in particular you're looking for?" Most informed salespeople no longer feel compelled to use such opening lines. They know that these business-related lines usually initiate one response from customers: “I'm just looking.” Customers must feel comfortable with you and your store as soon as they come in Developing that feeling depends upon your ability to get the customer to view you as a person instead of a salesperson. But even great opening lines are not [...]