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Our Impact

We know what the real goal is.
That’s why we work so hard to get you there.

Ways Your Business Will Improve

It’s all about you and your business getting major
success, growth, sales, organization and control.

  • Sales will increase dramatically.
  • Employees will be motivated, proud and professional.
  • Managers will execute more skillfully and follow up more thoroughly.
  • Everyone will be held accountable for their performance.
  • Your business will focus on high-performance sales, not just operations.
  • Finding and keeping the right people will be easy, thanks to out-of-this-world recruiting, interviewing and hiring techniques.
  • You’ll have an organized system for training new and existing staff.
  • You’ll learn key strategies to improve retention and no longer worry about someone quitting unexpectedly.
  • You’ll be able to monitor key store and district performance indicators with our proprietary at-a-glance metrics system.
  • Non-negotiable standards for behavior will increase discipline and customer service levels.
  • You’ll have detailed sales statistics for each staff member to pinpoint the coaching needed to improve productivity.
  • Non-compliance won’t be an issue.

The Friedman Process

Although The Friedman Group’s process may vary somewhat based on the project requirements or scope, and thus our standard process may not always be linear, it generally follows four major steps.

Creating a world-class guest experience is a process that best begins with a deep and revealing analysis. How might each touchpoint become more sales-oriented in a manner that enhances service? The Friedman Group begins every project with a comprehensive Discovery Phase.
Our objectives are:

  • Identify and understand the perceptions of front-line staff, middle management and upper management
  • Assess the organization’s ability for strategic and tactical implementation
  • Learn as much as possible about your corporate culture
  • Make our own assessment of each touchpoint and the overall guest journey
  • Assess the current processes for onboarding front-line and management personnel
  • Review the processes and standards in place for hiring
  • Gain an understanding of your customer base and its expectations and values
  • Agree upon the level and type of guest experience that will result in higher revenues and repeat business

Once the Discovery Phase is complete, The Friedman Group develops a solution and presents a strategic and tactical plan within a formal proposal. This includes specific methodologies with all of the tools, processes, training and guidance needed to elicit changes in culture that can drive potentially dramatic increases in revenue. Elements may consist of live training, ELearning, blended learning, written coursework, audio/video programs and other appropriate deliverables. We will reveal our findings when presenting the proposal and provide detailed explanations of how the plan addresses those findings. This is the first step of the Strategy Phase.
The second step begins by working with the appropriate personnel within your company to develop a production schedule and/or timeline for project implementation, as well as the metrics and benchmarks for measuring progress. Depending on the scope and objectives, the best strategy may be to begin with a small pilot group in order to identify obstacles to success and make necessary changes and refinements before rolling out the implantation schedule on a much wider scale.

The Execution Phase differs the most from organization to organization, based on the findings from the Discovery Phase, deadlines for completion imposed by the company we’re working with and/or the capability of the management and training teams. However, three commonalities exist no matter the organization or circumstance.

  • Major Change is driven primarily through front-line managers and middle-management.
  • Engaging participants, regardless of position or level, to actively come up with solutions to problems we have already identified.
  • We always use a synergistic or or holistic approach to implementing solutions. This is particularly critical when trying to raise the bar on the guest journey.

Creating a world-class guest experience doesn’t end in the execution phase. There must always be a plan for sustaining and continuously improving the experience. The Friedman Group provides powerful input on creating a Cultural Change Team with an executive as part of the team to ensure valuable gains are not lost over time.
The intention is not to have this team in place permanently; in fact, their mission is to make the team unneeded. However, some companies see enough long-term value to keep this position within the organization forever.
Lastly, and of utmost importance, upon completion of the process we will help to ensure that the training department team at your company is up to the task of maintaining the solutions we have put in place and continuing the progress we have set in motion. This includes the development of a metrics scorecard that will track success rates throughout the guest experience, as well as enhanced coaching and accountability methodologies to provide a robust support system for compliance with new standards and behaviors.

Our Commitment

Exceeding Expectations

Our Commitment is a result of two factors

  1. When this is your singular focus, both internally and with clients every day for so many years, you develop a clarity about what is required and how to create a culture to achieve and sustain it.
  2. Our trainers and consultants are hyper-aware. Whether it’s a company hired to mow the lawn, the wait staff at a restaurant, or a salesperson in a retail store, we notice everything. It’s the curse of being a consultant in this arena. We are constantly aware of what’s occurring around us. From a housekeeper at a hotel greeting us in the hallway with “Good afternoon,” not “Hello,” to analyzing the steps a service technician should take before even knocking on someone’s door, we are in the business of defining interactions that don’t just meet expectations, but exceed them.

That’s how we define a world-class customer experience – not mere satisfaction, but an experience that sparks a memorable emotion which causes a desire to repeat the experience. More often than not, our company doesn’t simply “do things right,” but strives to go above and beyond what is right.

This has been our singular focus since the company’s inception. Our work has encompassed every retail and service industry imaginable, from small operations to multi-national companies.


What can we say? Our clients love us and the results we get
them. Here are a few of the things they’ve had to say.

“It was about 1993 when we were first introduced to Harry Friedman, and it hasn’t been the same ever since. The Friedman Retail Management Program remains very much a part of our day-to-day culture and how we run our business. It’s not only used in our retail stores, but has been integrated into our warehouse and service operations. I like the fact that it’s flexible and adaptable to all parts of our business. Our entire Management team religiously meets monthly to review the coaching logs, performance stats and the stars and dots (report cards we call them) and to plan for the next month. We believe that because of the Friedman System we have more GOLD STARS year after year, than ever before (gold wall paper we call it). At our Year-End Performance Banquet we generously reward those who achieve a 12-month straight run of Gold Star performance, be it a Store Manager, Designer, Sales Person, Service Tech or Delivery Driver. . .This is what makes us tick.”
Kevin Mauldin, La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

“Never, in my 25 years in this business, have I found anyone able to identify and SOLVE the problems of selling in a retail store like Harry Friedman has.”

Bill Boettge, National Shoe Retailers Association
“Project Gold Star changed our staff’s focus to sales. We brought two departments in two locations into the program. For the first seven months, here are our results… In store #1, pilot department was up 56% as opposed to 22% for non-pilot department. In store #2, pilot up 32%, non-pilot up 16%. We’re now playing the ‘sales game’ and not the ‘operational game’ and we’re having a ball!”
Mary Hughes, Hampton Roads Harley Davidson
“The Friedman Group instilled a definite sales culture that wasn’t there before and we’re much healthier because of it. Within TELUS’ consumer sales channels, we’re now known as ‘the’ most sales-oriented group – bar none. Our reputation has spread to the point that job applicants know they’ll have to perform and we’re getting better quality applicants as a result.”
Bruce Okabe, Telus, Canada
“We’re using Friedman Systems in 14 countries. Results? How about a company-wide 18% sales increase.”
Roberto Stern, H. Stern Jewellers
“Although I’m sure for many companies an increase to the bottom line is the main objective from this course, but it was not mine. I am very pleased to say that I will use the bottom line information in the future, but the corporate culture change that this Project Gold Star has facilitated was desperately needed in my company. There are so many tools and so much information to get me back on track to running my company and leading in nine hours of fun every day. Work is now more enjoyable for me and more exciting, which should be contagious to our customers. So here’s to a new corporate culture of my design.”
Treasure Tannery, Lifestyles Home Furnishings
“Yesterday marked the end of our fiscal October. Four of my stores not only eclipsed last year, but set all time sales records. 5 of my 6 stores hit their goals for October and we’re really just getting started. More importantly, I’m confident in our ability to keep the good trend going because I know that our store managers are receiving the training necessary to hold our sales employees accountable and to further their training.

In general, the Friedman Training Process is much more comprehensive than I ever imagined. Its much more than a selling course. It truly is an entire platform that will allow you to clearly define the responsibilities of each position in your stores and train your employees to perform each of their responsibilities at a high level.”

Jason Fryia, Owner, Golf Exchange
“I wanted to update you on the success throughout our organization as a result of our Sales Management System developed by your company. The net results of the program has produced bottom line dollars for every company within our network that has implemented it. I have seen documented proof of additional net profits of up to $200,000 annually as a result of the program. Remember, our membership does not consist of large companies (average annual volume of $1.9 million) – so such increases are very large for our companies. It is our experience that the program appears to be one where bottom line results are virtually guaranteed!”
Jack Tester, Nexstar Network
“Having been a District Manager for 6 years and a Regional Manager for 3 years, it all finally makes sense. This course defined what a supervisor of multiple stores must do to GET RESULTS!”
Kipp Sassman, Footaction USA

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