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Who We Are

Oh the retail sales training stories we can tell...

For more than 40 years, we’ve been retail thought leaders and worked with thousands of retailers to provide training and implement sales management processes that transform company cultures, so results are sustainable. We’re successful for one reason, we work.

world class retail sales consulting and training
consulting and retail sales training

The Problems We Solve

Retailers call upon us when...

  • Sales are flat or trending down, but you can’t get a handle on what’s driving things in the wrong direction.
  • You’ve experienced rapid, uncontrolled growth and need to catch up, both in training and consistency.
  • You once had a vision for the company, but that vision hasn’t been realized or is fading away. And, you might be growing tired of fighting to restore it.
  • You have tried a million things but routinely fall short of expectations. Maybe you don’t know what you don’t know and you’re willing to admit it.
  • You’re beginning succession planning and want to maximize your company’s fair market value.
  • Or, you’ve been very successful and want to protect that success by keeping your pedal to the metal.

How We Solve Them

The Solutions You Need. The Team to Implement.

We’re not your typical consultants—we’re master implementers.

We don’t just train employees—we use our integrated services to
 implement processes that become fundamental to your business and
make consistent growth possible.

training of retail sales team
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Work With Us

Our Process

  • Our work with clients always starts with a phone call, which is oftentimes enough to assess your challenges and propose an appropriate solution. Other times a one- or two-day on-site assessment or video conference is required.
  • Much like a doctor relies on information from the patient to determine the appropriate treatment, we rely on you to be forthright in discussing your unique challenges.
  • Only then can we present possible solutions and work with you to determine what is realistic, affordable and most likely to achieve the desired results.

It Just Works.

But Don't Just Take Our WorD for It, Listen to What Our ClientS Are Saying.

"I have seen documented proof of additional net profits of up to $200,000 annually..."

The information in Friedman Group courses is explosive and may cause harm to your personal tax bracket! 

Scott B. (1 store)

We're using Friedman Systems in 14 countries. Results? How about a company-wide 18% sales increase.

Roberto S. (160 stores)

A conservative estimate? I'd say The Friedman Group got us an increase of six million dollars in six months.

Trent B. (140 stores)