We believe public seminars should work. Good thing ours do.

Retail Sales Training

Friedman Public Seminars Are Different

  • You instantly know that we’re not just lecturers, that we have lived retail and understand your obstacles and frustrations. Every website tells you the same thing, but we mean it! Only first-rate veteran trainers who have first-hand experience implementing what they teach deliver these seminars.
  • You’re constantly involved and will get your questions answered.
  • It’s somehow comforting to know that others in completely different industries have the same challenges.
  • You’ll pit what you’re doing up against the world’s best retail practices.
  • A lot of companies have been trying to do the right thing for years. Each seminar helps you to finally stop trying to figure out what to do. You’ll have the blueprint.
  • After thousands of seminars, we’ve got tricks up our sleeve. You’ll come away with ideas you’ve never thought of to improve your business.

Our Public Seminars are scheduled based on demand.  Interested?  Let us know!

Unlock the sales potential within your stores with a Friedman Group retail training seminar. Nowhere else will you find the definitive systems and techniques for managing, motivating and training your staff to perform like you want.  And nowhere else will you discover the keys to consistently delivering an unforgettable world class shopping experience to every single customer that walks into your store.

Our five core public seminars were personally created by retail authority Harry J. Friedman, to provide the skill sets necessary to proactively manage and/or sell at the highest performance level.

Professional Retail Management Public Seminars

If you’re considering a Friedman seminar and don’t know which one to attend, look no further. This is it. It is the ultimate retail sales management seminar, a master plan on how to run your retail floor and generate more sales. If you’re still talking to your staff about name tags and showing up for work on time, you might be playing a very small game. One that steals your energy and valuable time needed to increase sales. This will put you on track to drive sales, not just hope they happen.

You Will Learn

How to go from a “have to” to “want to” store culture

The right way to handle variation and deviation from best practices

How to create an easy-to-read sales performance dashboard

What progressive discipline steps to take when coaching fails

How you can turn your sales staff’s “helpfulness” into high performance selling

How to accurately and objectively set sales goals

Understanding the new sales metrics and which ones impact your sales the most

How to master the most critical and often overlooked steps of sales floor management

Redefined coaching techniques that improve everyone’s sales performance

How establishing esprit de corps results in better customer service and higher sales

Multiple Store Supervision Public Seminars

A district manager’s job is not to be a substitute for poor performing managers. The supervision of multiple locations is often the biggest reason many businesses fail to expand. Yet the position has been relatively undefined in retail for decades. This is the definitive seminar on how to build a chain or district of highly accountable, high-performance retail stores. Learn the newest multi-store management systems and skills perfected by retail authority Harry J. Friedman. Find out why this seminar is routinely attended by retail’s most successful chains.

You Will Learn

Why your store managers will make or break you

How holding your staff accountable for sales and service behaviors will increase sales

Why setting performance baselines for each store is critical for success

Developing strategic and tactical plans for your stores and how they differ

Creating accurate store assessments that reveal the root causes of poor performance

Why your stores’ most critical metrics are often overlooked

How to staff your stores and prevent “panic” hiring

Creating the “model store” – a template for all stores to follow

Putting an end to nagging non-compliance problems

Key indicators of a supervisor’s effectiveness

How to stop putting out daily fires and start building better store managers

Leadership skills that will empower and inspire your staff

Retail Sales Masters Public Seminars

A well-trained salesperson will outsell an untrained salesperson every single day of the week. Why not get what attendees have equated to a Master’s Degree in Retail Selling. Developed by retail’s master salesman, Harry J. Friedman, this seminar offers an in-depth look at the sales training system used by more retailers than any other retail selling system in the world.

You Will Learn

Understanding your customer’s psychological resistance to salespeople

Discovering the motivation that causes people to buy from you

“Must-ask” questions that cause customers to open up

Developing trust and identifying hidden opportunities to add on

A synergistic approach to building basket size

How sales professionals turn stalls into sales

Spotting buying signals that say, “I’m ready”

Solid closing strategies anyone can use comfortably

Simple techniques for reducing returns

Delivering a shopping “adventure” that builds personal trade and increases referrals

Engaging customers in comfortable conversation that avoids the “I’m just looking” syndrome

Product theatre: the fine art of presenting merchandise with eloquence and emotion

How to use single power-packed statements that cause customers to buy now

Uncovering the real reason for not buying now

Professional Retail Selling Public Seminars

A one-day introduction to the most successful sales techniques in retail, developed by retail’s master salesman, Harry J. Friedman. An overview of the world’s #1 retail sales training system, created by retail authority Harry J. Friedman, this is the perfect introductory seminar for providing basic selling skills for your staff or brushing up on existing skills.

You Will Learn

Why the way you open the sale can mean success or failure

Must-ask probing questions that cause customers to open up and buy from you

How to avoid the merchandise comparison trap

How to uncover the real reason for not buying now and turn objections into sales

How to offer a brief Company History and Quick Tour to set you apart from the competition

Product Theater: the fine art of presenting merchandise with eloquence and emotion that results in “I’ll take it!”

The fine art of closing the sale and why intent is more important than technique

How adding on and selling groups of merchandise as single units can help you close more sales and build more profit

Why properly cementing the sale results in fewer returns and more repeat business

The long-lost art of customer appreciation and building loyal, life-long customers

Retail Human Resources Public Seminars

“How do I find and hold onto good people in my stores?” If you’ve ever raised this question, you’re not alone. Here’s a fact. Turnover won’t go away. It’s inevitable in retail. But, you can shift the odds of hiring and keeping top talent in your favor. Retail authority Harry J. Friedman has created a seminar that will give you, your senior execs and managers, concrete, real-world systems and techniques for finding a staff of exceptional people and helping them build a career in your organization. The most successful retailers know that today it’s your people that set you apart from the competition. Find out how to develop consistency in the way you hire, train and retain great people. This seminar has more “aha!” moments and million-dollar ideas than you could ever imagine.

You Will Learn

Why selecting “qualified” salespeople can cause more pain than gain

How to create a training system that sticks, even if your salespeople don’t

How to go from “frantically searching” to “selectively choosing” the best employee

Building a “Choice Machine” that delivers more candidates than you have openings for

Uncover why your top salespeople may leave, and how to prevent it

The truth about retention cost vs turnover cost

Helping your employees achieve their career goals with you – instead of your competitors

Making it FUN to work at your company and move out merchandise instead of employees

A proven mechanical system for interviewing that consistently gets any manager better employees

How to prevent hiring candidates that look good on paper, interview great – and then turn into their “evil twin” their first day on the job

5 great interview questions, including one that gets answers to questions you’re not supposed to ask

It Just Works.

But Don't Just Take Our WorD for It, Listen to What Our ClientS Are Saying.

We came to the seminar looking for standardization for our operations. We not only came out with that, but with higher expectations from our staff and an understanding that we aren't hostage to our sales staff. It's a tremendous feeling and we certainly have more confidence and a plan for expanding our business. Well worth the time.

Rufus B. (3 stores)

My sales have TRIPLED since attending your seminar last year! We had to add 5 people to our sales staff just to handle the increase in sales.

Michael W. (1 store)

Since implementing the non-negotiable customer service standards and everything we learned at the seminar, sales in the test region are up in excess of 20%, with two stores achieving higher than 50% over last year. I highly recommend this seminar.

Christopher B. (410 stores)