Store Management Training

Because a manager should be more than
a salesperson with a fancy title.

store manager training

The Impact of a Great Store Manager

Veteran retailers know that the impact of retail sales training is never maximized without strong and focused leadership. Sales training teaches how to be more successful in selling, but sales management training provides the missing ingredient; intent. The Friedman Group’s retail training courses for store managers help retailers take productivity to the next level.

Retail Store Management

Sales and product knowledge training are essential, but their effects are minimized if your salespeople are not held accountable for their on-the-floor performance. A structured retail store management program that increases the productivity of each individual is the way to increase the sales of the organization as a whole.

We offer a wide variety of store management training programs and systems to support each of the following areas:

• Store Management
• Advanced Sales Management
• Recruiting & Hiring
• Coaching & Leadership

We utilize our time-tested and proven sales management systems to tailor and adjust our store management training program to fit your specific needs. Although your company may have differences in core competencies, values, and operating methods, the business of retailing is quite comparable. Our store management systems have proven to deliver millions of dollars in sales to retailers all over the world.

Our retail training programs provide everything you need to:

• Understand the real role of store managers in the success of their stores
• Get the operations side of the business handled and set standards so managers can concentrate on the real challenge; improving the performance of each member of the team
• Set realistic and fair sales goals
• Determine what KPIs to track and what to do with them once you have them
• Coach salespeople effectively and track trends in performance
• Recruit, interview and select candidates who are a fit with your company
• And so much more

The Friedman Group’s Professional Retail Management Program

We literally wrote the book on store management
and it’s transformed the way thousands of retailers operate.

A System That Works

Here is just a small sample of topics included in The Friedman Group’s Professional Management Training Course

Why standards represent the foundation of a successful retail business, and why they are often one of the biggest constraints

Which sales metrics are the most critical key performance indicators (KPIs) and why they matter most

The fundamental goal of a sales manager and what makes a store goal-oriented

How to establish fair sales goals for individual salespeople

How to create and use easy-to-read sales performance dashboards

Why variation and deviation exist and how correcting them may require different tactics

How the elements of management style can affect accountability

How a balance of discipline and motivation can help eliminate “have-to” concerns and gain compliance with “want-to” behaviors

How KPIs help drive performance management and proper analysis helps individual performance

How behaviors drive KPIs by affecting sales performance

How the struggle between operations and selling can be won

What non-negotiable standards are (or should be) and why they’re essential

Why on-going coaching is the key factor in driving employee development

How coaching in weekly meetings and on the floor can improve poor behavior and strengthen good behavior

How recognition and consequences can help drive sustained behavioral change

The goals of progressive discipline and when to initiate it

How management style impacts the effectiveness of progressive discipline

How to build a choice machine in recruiting and be proactive in hiring

Interviewing skills to cut through the smoke and make better hiring decisions

First steps to take in orientation to virtually guarantee compliance and results

Key factors in making onboarding efficient and effective

It Just Works.

But Don't Just Take Our WorD for It, Listen to What Our ClientS Are Saying.

The Friedman program is the most accomplished, effective concept for retail management in the industry. Their direction works! In less than two years, we have achieved a sales increase of over one million dollars, or an 8½% increase over our previous year's sales. This happened in conjunction with a reduction in labor expense of $420,000. The Friedman program is the best kept secret in retailing today.

Mark G. (6 stores)

After installing your sales accountability system with the 'dots' in a few of our stores, those stores showed an incredible 40% increase in sales! Thank you!

Jeff R. (15 stores)

Systems, systems, systems. Life is much better with the Friedman system. Compensation plans, Fair Share Doctrine, accountability, the list goes on and on. I am thrilled to have this ‘retail bible.’ Priceless.

Andrea S. (1 store)