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online retail sales training

The Greatest Retail Training at Your Fingertips

FriedmanU.com is the culmination of 40 years of retail training experience.  Whether you’re a single store or 5,000 stores you’ll learn how to capitalize on your most valuable asset; your employees.

One of the largest benefits of FriedmanU.com is that we have organized and effective sales and management training in one place and made it readily available to you! That means you do not need to recreate the wheel and develop your own program. This will save you countless hours and thousands of dollars in content development, not to mention the trial and error period.

There are plenty of reasons for being effective at onboarding and having a focus on continuous learning and development.  It’s fairly obvious, but here’s our list anyway.

Think of FriedmanU as your solution to the following:

Cutting the time and cost of training new salespeople (it can cost up to $5000 in labor of everyone involved to onboard a MINIMUM wage employee)

Dramatically reducing employee turnover with training that ensures success (a $10/hour retail employee costs $3328 to replace)

Creating a “formal system” for training salespeople that guarantees consistent training in all stores regardless of a manager’s skills

Converting shoppers into buyers at a higher rate

Increasing your average transaction

Request a free demo now.  What have you got to lose?

Individual Certifications

We have taken over 35 years of sales training and designed an intuitive and engaging Masters course in selling. The results? How about 30-50% sales increases from those who have applied its principles.

Master the Art of Selling and Customer Engagement quickly.

6 Robust Learning Modules.

32 Interactive Activities

Completion Certification

Progress Tracking

This is the last sales course you will ever need

Small Business

As a small business owner or manager, you know how important it is to find and retain good people. If you do not have an official training in place, or want to take your current training to the next level, this is right for you.


Formalized Management Training and Development

Advanced, Repeatable Sales Training

Develop Your Soft Skills.

+ 40 modules with + 100 activities

Track Your Teams Progress

It Just Works.

But Don't Just Take Our WorD for It, Listen to What Our ClientS Are Saying.

FriedmanU helped me to improve my sales performance. After I finished the Certification, i increased my knowledge, my self-confidence and now I can establish amazing trust relationships with customers.

Jasmine C.

FriedmanU.com taught two extremely important things, how to build Trust and Value with my customers. I am closing more sales than I ever have and actually enjoy the sales conversation.

Rocio H.

I hated selling because I never knew what to say or how to say it. But after going through the sales training on Friedmanu.com and playing around with the dialog a bit with my co-workers, I found my voice and feel so natural when I approach customers. It’s been a huge confidence booster and the results show. My sales are up over 20% from 2 months ago!

Dylan C.