The Importance of Effective Communication with Your Customers

Effective communication is a subject that many people spend years studying. As salespeople, one of the most important tools we have is our ability to express ourselves to customers and create excitement for them to buy. Often, the difference between a salesperson who tends to be clerking (merely delivering merchandise) and the superstar salesperson is […]

Robots Can Never Replace Great Retail Salespeople

I have read more and heard more about AI and robots in the last 3 months than I have in the last 3 years. As you can imagine, I subscribe to as many retail newsletters and groups as I can, scanning my email notifications every day to keep abreast of the latest happenings in retail. […]

Don’t Let the Jargon Fool You, What You Need is a Salesperson

Don’t Let the Jargon Fool You, What You Need is a Salesperson You may call them Client Advisors, Experience Creators, Customer Service Specialists, Brand Ambassadors or simply Front Desk Team Members, but make no mistake, these are salespeople through and through. The sooner you get a grip on that, the sooner we can show you […]

The Art of Customer Engagement

How to break through a customer’s defensive shield and connect in today’s retail world In today’s retail environment foot traffic into a physical store has never been scarcer, while the ability to purchase from anywhere, anytime has never been simpler. Yet, on occasion a customer will still decide to break out of their online purchasing […]

Do You Even Manage, Bro?

Richard Branson once said, “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” We couldn’t agree more. This has nothing to do with whether the customer is right or not; this has everything to do with how supported, valued and led your employees feel at your place of work. And […]

014 – Sales vs Operations

Episode 14: Sales vs Operations It’s a constant battle. How does operations support sales and what’s more important sales or operations? The reality is, operations becomes somewhat of a cornerstone to sales.

013 – Productivity Based Pay

Episode 13: Productivity Based Pay Retail is a choice business, you have a choice as a salesperson to learn as much about the products as you can, you have a choice to show up to work with a positive attitude, and you have a choice to engage with the customers as they walk in. You […]

012 – District Manager or District Menace?

Episode 12: District Manager or District Menace? This episode is about District Managers, or as Harry likes to refer to them sometimes, a District Menace. The truth is that very few understand what their true job really is. They’re not firefighters running around putting out fires, they’re partners, partners with the locations they manage. Their […]

011 – Why You Are Always Hiring

Episode 11: Why You Are Always Hiring Hiring is often a reactive event based on immediate need, but it doesn’t need to be. Companies can start building their bench and plan for the known need of certain positions based on the historical turnover of that role. Harry gives some ideas and insights into being a […]

010 – What Is The Manager’s Mission?

Episode 10: What Is The Manager’s Mission? A managers job should be very clear, but often companies promote key sales people into managerial roles without giving them the direction to grow their store or territory. Harry is going to define what the mission of a manager truly is and how they can achieve success in […]