The Benefits of E-Learning

Episode 3: The Benefits of E-Learning Most companies have yet to embrace the power of a eLearning platform. Harry discusses the transition from traditional training to including a Learning Management System (LMS) to help scale your training needs and provide a resource that tracks the learning progress of your team. The Friedman Group happens to have […]

Salesmanship Without The Pushy Feeling

Episode 2: Salesmanship Without The Pushy feeling RUN! IT’S A SALESPERSON! The pushy salesperson is the worst fear of both customers and most salespeople and managers of various industries More often than not, people are not pushy but rather passive. However, Salesmanship is about taking your trade seriously, creating a welcoming and professional sales environment and […]

The Daunting Task of Training New Hires

Episode 1: The Daunting Task of Training New Hires Training can be a challenge for many organizations. Some business leaders are stuck in the mindset of, “what if I spend all this time and money training them and they leave?” to which we respond with, “what if you don’t and they stay?” The reality is […]

JC Penny Puts in Greeters, Another Dumb Idea.

In a recent article in the New York post, JC Penney announced they are implementing greeters as a test in the Northwest Region. And…? Why? Another completely misguided idea from the company that thought the switch to everyday low pricing was a good move. (See Strategic mistake that haunts JC Penny) We all assume that greeting […]

The Simple Way Retailers Can Knockout Non-Compliance

The Simple Way Retailers Can Knockout Non-Compliance How many hours a week do you spend policing your stores and staff? Retailers have it tough, you assign someone a task that you want completed only to have it fall upon deaf ears. It never gets done.  Both your managers and your staff assure you that they’re trying.  […]

Let Your Customers Decide How Much is Too Much

Let Your Customers Decide How Much is Too Much  You’ve established a rapport with your customer, you’ve asked plenty of good probing questions and now it’s time for a demonstration. It’s time to show the customer merchandise that is most likely to satisfy their wants and needs. So which items do you show when you […]

Making Conversation Makes for Great Sales

Making Conversation Makes for Great Sales “May I help you?” “Is there anything in particular you’re looking for?” Most informed salespeople no longer feel compelled to use such opening lines. They know that these business-related lines usually initiate one response from customers: “I’m just looking.” Customers must feel comfortable with you and your store as soon […]

The Friedman Group 2.0

Welcome to The Friedman Group 2.0!  The launch of our new website and logo present a new face that more closely represents the company we are today after serving retailers over the last four decades.  Our commitment remains the same: to provide the best possible consulting and retail training available to retailers of all shapes and sizes […]