The Friedman Group 2.0

Welcome to The Friedman Group 2.0!  The launch of our new website and logo present a new face that more closely represents the company we are today after serving retailers over the last four decades.  Our commitment remains the same: to provide the best possible consulting and retail training available to retailers of all shapes and sizes so they may generate revenue lifts and manage change to transform their culture into a sustainable, continually improving sales machine.

We have created and implemented solutions that have impacted millions over the years.  Be sure to check out the “Our Impact” page to see the influence The Friedman Group has had on the retail landscape. And yet, we are continually evolving to make sure those solutions still have that transformative impact in the current retail scene, not the least of which is our online membership training site.  Take the time to explore this wonderful option.

Finally, we are eternally grateful to all of the companies we have partnered with over the years and have established relationships with that have stood the test of time.  We hope you’ll contact us.  We’d love to chat about your specific challenges, frustrations and possible solutions.