Branded Training Sites


A place to Educate. A place to Inform. A place to Inspire. A place to Lead. More than Your Online University. Your Online Community.

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Your Own Branded Training University

Our branded online retail training sites do more than onboard new hires. Add your own company news, events, contests, call out achievements, post new product knowledge, and inject a sense of community into the heart of your business.

Cultivate the retail culture you’ve always dreamed of and the customer-centric environment that will turn shoppers into life-long customers.

Branded Training Sites: Leveling The ‘Retailing’ Field

There is no denying it anymore, e-learning is a must for every retail business, and a branded training site is the ultimate step toward developing your very own dream team. Until recently, this was only available to the retail elite and cost upwards of six figures to develop. Using our 40+ years of industry knowledge, we’ve invested the time and money to build the best online training and resources for retailers; hands down. All branded portals come with any or all content from FriedmanU.com and much, much more.

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  • Branded for your company – your logo, your colors, your images, your site in every way.
  • Your own URL – (Your company name)University.com or whatever. you choose.
  • Load your own company documentation, product knowledge training, home-made videos, anything that would be useful for employees to access.
  • Develop learning paths or certification programs for different positions within the company.
  • Automatically issue printable certificates upon completion of specified courses.
  • Create a hierarchy of stores or districts and provide progress and scoring reports accordingly.
  • No cloud space limitations that you’ll find with most options.
  • All the training you’ll need to. manage the site (or we’ll help if you need it).
  • 24/7 access from any web browser without having to download any software.
  • Technical support, software updates, security and information back-up included.
  • Mobile responsive to easily use on any device.
  • All the additional options you could possibly want; company calendars, community chats – you dream it we’ll make it happen.



Contact us now to discuss your needs, see a demo of an actual site and let us provide you with a quote.

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Traditional Retail Training

  • Constant interruptions
  • Often no organized process
  • So much to cover and so little time
  • The person doing the training may not always be great at doing it
  • Everyone trains a little differently so there’s no consistency
  • After training dozens if not hundreds of new hires, Trainers really just tire of telling the same story over and over again – They may not give it their all anymore

Your University Training Site

  • Captive and self-reliant
  • Structured process that is the same EVERY time
  • Self-paced and available 24/7
  • The best retail training developed by the best retail trainer, Harry J. Friedman
  • Every course is taught the exact same way, making it easier to hold staff accountable for knowing
  • New courses and modules added constantly and taught with 100% enthusiasm every time

It Just Works.

But Don't Just Take Our WorD for It, Listen to What Our ClientS Are Saying.

The customer service is absolutely tremendous!!!  I’ve never been told “no.”  The site is easy to manage and administer.  It provides loads and loads of content to all 15 of our stores and has shortly become an indispensable tool for our business.  The sales training is fantastic, and the content continues to grow and stays fresh.  Keep up the great production!

Larry J. (15 stores)

Our company has had a long-standing relationship with The Friedman Group.  We were so happy to see the option to provide this training via a branded portal.  This was a great alternative to the training for our team because we have stores located in 10 states.  As the administrator of the program, I’m able to track results for my entire team and follow up with Managers to make sure we continue to promote this training and the Gold Star Concepts. We are very happy with our continued relationship with The Friedman Group and would recommend them to others.

Theresa K. (110 stores)

We’ve used the Friedman training programs since 2002, but we were so happy when they launched the online version of their courses.  We have been live for a year and the feedback I have been receiving from our store managers and associates is off the charts. They all love the new Training Portal. The managers love being able to see the progress and the scores. The sales associates love the content and how it is set up.  I’ve seen many retail training programs over the years, but there is a reason we have stuck with Friedman for over a decade. It works!

Sara V. (9 locations)