Field Supervision & Leadership Training


Who am I, and why should they follow me?

Field Supervision & Leadership Training

Never underestimate the impact a great District or Regional Manager can have on revenue.

Mid-size and larger companies can’t ignore the role of District manager or Regional Manager. We refocus efforts from being district cops to proactively motivating and driving their teams to become high-performance sales machines. Most DMs and RMs are trapped by their past experience as a manager and make their job an extension of that role. Help your DMs and RMs develop the retail culture and sales expectations that you desire by providing them with the tools and leadership training they need to be effective and succeed.

The Making of a Great Leader

Whether you’re a new District Manager or seasoned Owner, supervising multiple store locations effectively begins with a few basics.

• Turning store visits into opportunities to improve the individuals working on the front lines
• Strategically planning what is needed to exceed revenue goals and how to successfully execute those plans
• Becoming partners with store managers to acquire and develop fully trained and competent staffs
• Setting the bar high and getting your store management team to pole vault, not do the limbo

But, to truly succeed, you need to LEAD.

To make great strides in your stores in a dynamic and exciting way, you must champion a CAUSE.  It’s about invoking that super-powerful human spirit and getting everyone to agree on the goal, fully understand the benefits (personal and professional) and pursue that goal relentlessly and enthusiastically.

A mission statement is one thing – an actual mission is quite another.

We teach people who are not necessarily natural-born leaders the specific skills and traits that, with proper focus and discipline, can be developed over time.

The Friedman Group’s Multiple Store Supervision Program and Leadership Programs are used by hundreds of the most successful retailers in the world.

A System That Works

Here’s a sampling of the world’s best multi-store management and leadership course perfected by retail authority, Harry J. Friedman.

Why a supervisor’s role isn’t always as clear as you might think

How compounding issues at store level can derail success

Why it’s so important to transfer responsibility to your store managers

Which steps can lead to continuous performance improvement

Why setting an initial performance baseline can be crucial to success

What concepts and philosophies are required to create the necessary framework for a proper store or area assessment

How the right assessment tools and processes can help maximize effectiveness

How to begin an initial assessment of your area by analyzing, then prioritizing

How to identify the root causes of performance issues and correct undesired behaviors

What strategic and tactical plans mean, how they rely on one another and how to create them

How store managers can be valuable tools for both execution and follow-up of your plans

How to avoid potential “disconnects” between strategic planning and tactical execution

Why and how leadership can be learned

Why true leadership cannot be awarded, appointed or assigned

How to win people’s hearts by helping them grow personally

How poor leadership could be costing you and your company a small fortune

Why effective communication is important in gaining and maintaining compliance in your stores

When and how to create action plans designed to increase the sales of individual stores in your area

What it really means to have a high-performance sales floor

How to lead a high-performance area or organization

What characteristics define a high-performance manager

When a designated sales manager is needed for maximum productivity and why

How to balance professional obligations with time for family and friends without sacrificing performance

It Just Works.

But Don't Just Take Our WorD for It, Listen to What Our ClientS Are Saying.

Having been a District Manager for 6 years and a Regional Manager for 3 years, it all finally makes sense. This course defined what a supervisor of multiple stores must do to-GET RESULTS!

Kipp S. (272 stores)

I have three stores on the Friedman Program and they are all running greater increases than all the other stores in my region! One store that nobody wanted or ever believed in is up 29%, and the manager is like a different person! All my other stores are calling and asking when do they get to do this. I can't wait for next year.

Lisa B. (320 stores)

Today's profits and tomorrow's survival will be determined by how a company hires, trains, grows and compensates employees. Our District Managers have been transformed.  Our way of doing business is permanently changed for the better.

Ed P. (9 stores)