Customer Engagement & Sales

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,
we know how to take a compliment.

Retail Sales Training

“The Inventors of Modern Retail Selling” isn’t just something we say.

Harry J. Friedman is author of the most widely used retail sales training course in the world. It took the retail world by storm when first developed in 1980, looking at retail selling quite differently than had ever been done before. With continual updates over the years to address changes in demographics and the customer experience, it sets the standard for retail sales training courses. Often imitated (and we mean OFTEN!), The Friedman Group’s selling principles and techniques are customer-centric, reality-based and have literally changed the lives of those who adopt them.

Why Customer Engagement & Sales Training?

Companies often focus on sales training because they are frustrated with a lack of know-how and care for their customers. That frustration may drive them to call us, but the result they’re really hoping for is simple. There are only 3 good (and obvious) reasons to have a retail sales training program:

1. Build Revenue
2. Increase Margin
3. Improve Customer Loyalty

Sales training improves the customer experience by creating a more welcome interaction. And an improved customer experience increases revenue, margin, and customer loyalty. Or does it? It really depends on how you define ‘customer experience.’ A delightful customer experience that makes the customer feel wonderful can also result in NO sale. Serving customers starts with a smile and the desire to achieve full customer satisfaction, but a trained professional can increase revenue by 20% or more. A trained professional knows how to:

• Get customers to open up and engage in conversation better and more often
• Discover the real motivation to buy, not just basic wants and needs
• Look for opportunities to bump the sale and build a bigger basket
• Hang in there when faced with objections to empathetically save the sale

A Proven Track Record of Success
Whether you’re looking for online or in-person retail sales training courses, The Friedman Group can deliver. Retail training is our specialty and it’s all we’ve done for over 35 years.

Gold Star Selling is a customer-centric and empathetic approach to training designed to sell more without customers ever having felt they were ‘sold.’

A System That Works

We have developed the most comprehensive step-by-step system to retail selling in the industry, and it even comes with a user manual.

How to use single power-packed statements that cause customers to buy now

Why so few sales people attempt to add on to the sale

A synergistic approach to building basket size

Overcoming customer concerns and objections

Uncovering the real reason for not buying now

How sales professionals turn stalls into sales

Spotting buying signals that say, “I’m ready”

Why intent is more important than technique

Solid closing strategies anyone can use comfortably

Cementing the sale: how and when to thank your customer

Simple techniques for reducing returns

The long-lost art of customer appreciation and building loyal, life-long customers

Systems for providing outstanding, unexpected follow-up and follow-through

Delivering a shopping “adventure” that builds personal trade and increases referrals

Matching your demonstration to your customer’s personality and lifestyle

Product theatre: the fine art of presenting merchandise with eloquence and emotion

Taking the first steps to becoming a high-performance retail salesperson

Continuously developing your sales and service competency

How the high-performance professional prepares to sell

Understanding the Value Triangle and how it influences the sale

Why the way you open the sale can mean success or failure

Engaging customers in comfortable conversation that avoids the “I’m just looking” syndrome

Understanding your customer’s psychological resistance to salespeople

Observational skills for assessing and adapting to a customer’s shopping profile, mood, tempo and motivation

Providing a snapshot of any unique company history that gives customers a reason to buy from your store

Probing and the motivation that causes people to buy from you

“Must-ask” questions that cause customers to open up

Developing trust and identifying hidden opportunities to add on

Non-verbal clues that signal how the sales cycle is progressing

It Just Works.

But Don't Just Take Our WorD for It, Listen to What Our ClientS Are Saying.

We used to have a problem finding sales help. Now we're getting more "qualified salespeople" coming to us because they've heard we use Harry Friedman's training programs.

Laura G. (3 stores)

As a result of the Friedman program, our staff became more personally responsible for their performance. Sales through August were up 37%. We went from 3.2 items per sale to over 4.1, and our average sale went up $15!

Nancy S. (140 stores)

A test of Harry’s selling course in two regions of our chain resulted in 10.4% and 9.5% increases.  The roll-out to the entire chain brought profit increases 6 TIMES the total cost of running the program! 

Asher B. (120 stores)