They say those who can’t, teach. We say they shouldn’t teach either.

on-site training

On-Site Training: Work With a Winning Team

Simply put, we are in the business of helping retailers sell more. We do so by training salespeople directly or through sales management at the store manager, field supervisor or owner level. Our track record is unparalleled, and we have thousands of success stories from many years of focused effort to bring a higher level of performance and professionalism to retail in just about every industry you can name.  Our Trainers and Consultants don’t just teach – they’ve done it.  Without exception, they come from organizations that have implemented Friedman Group strategies and processes to achieve significant results.  They don’t just believe it works, they know it does and their passion is contagious.

Custom On-Site Training

It’s all about you.

While off-the-shelf training programs have many practical applications, they are often met with more resistance than those customized for your organization. Custom retail on-site training programs eliminate the “It doesn’t work for my store, my customers or me” objection, and instead reflects your organization’s look, philosophies and culture.

Upcoming Company Meeting, Conference or Event?

Whether it’s an hour at your annual meeting or multi-day workshops, we’ll work with you to ensure an ROI on the event, because there’s really no reason to hire us if our services don’t more than pay for the fee! Let’s talk about what would address your biggest frustrations or concerns and get your group fired up at the same time.

An on-site workshop provides:

The opportunity to emphasize what is needed within your organization

Adapt to the skill level of your group

Get the troops rallied to do great things 

Conversation will be focused solely around solutions and strategies for maximum impact and results within your company. This level of interaction is something that just simply can’t be done in a public retail workshop with retailers from all different industries and organizational sizes.

On-Site Training: Topics We Can Address

• Basic Selling Skills
• Advanced Selling Skills
• Train-the-Trainer
• Customer Service
• Store Management
• District Management
• Strategic & Tactical Planning
• Model Store
• Time Management
• Manpower Planning
• Coaching
• Leadership Skills

Have another topic in mind?  We’ve been training retailers for over 40 years, so we’ve seen and done it all.  Let’s chat and figure it out together.

It Just Works.

But Don't Just Take Our WorD for It, Listen to What Our ClientS Are Saying.

The Friedman Group has the simplest, most organized system for managing a store and increasing sales that we've ever found. We have them deliver a customized Management Camp just for our dealers several times a year.

Ron W. (352 stores)

Our sales were at -3% and heading steadily downward. With the help of Harry’s staff, I struggled through an incredible amount of staff resistance, discipline nightmares and some very dismal sales statistics, to come out on the other side with growth of 8% and my sales associates have become selling machines. They sell with enthusiasm and style and treat each customer with loving care – a philosophy we stole from The Friedman Group. I can’t begin to thank all of you for the professional, courteous and enthusiastic way you presented your program. Despite the demanding curriculum, it was always fun to work with your staff.

Joni P. (1 store)

Unlike working with many consulting companies in the past, there was a lot of interaction with The Friedman Group. They were very understanding of our needs and the changes we were going through and made the process go very smoothly. We needed the right outside company to help sell it - and more importantly - implement it and transfer ownership to the people in the stores. That buy-in was critical. I don't think we could have achieved it without The Friedman Group.

Dana M. (146 stores)