“Never, in my 25 years in this business, have I found anyone able to identify and SOLVE the problems of selling in a retail store like Harry Friedman has.”

Bill B.

“We’re using Friedman Systems in 14 countries. Results? How about a company-wide 18% sales increase.”

Roberto S.

“The Friedman Group’s program was responsible for 50% of our total sales increase. More important, it contributed 25% of our total profit in its first year rollout. We absolutely recommend it for any retail organization.”

Erin S.

“After doing ‘OK’ for our first 10 years in business, we implemented your retail sales and management techniques. Our sales skyrocketed by an unheard of 240%…and are still climbing!”

Bryan B.

“A test of Harry’s selling system in two regions of our 120-store menswear chain, resulted in 10.4% and 9.5% increases. The roll out to the entire chain brought profit increases 6 TIMES the total cost of running the program!

Asher B.

“Before Friedman, our Westside store was trending 25% over last year. In four months of implementing your program, we’re up 41%. Our staff loves the accountability and recognition of wins. For me it’s the structure and that management is now more black and white.

Lisa K.

“A conservative estimate? I’d say The Friedman Group got us an increase of six million dollars in six months.”

Trent B.