Creating A World Class Customer Experience Course Manual


Exploding the level of service in your organization

Regardless of what your stores sell, where they’re located, or even how exclusive or competitively priced your merchandise is, one thing is certain: If your customer’s shopping experience isn’t outstanding, you’re going to lose money—and even worse—market share.

Every online or instore purchase represents not just one, but a whole a series of actions taken by both the customer and your staff. Whenever a customer contacts your call center, browses your e-commerce website or enters your physical store, every contact they make with an employee becomes a part of their shopping experience. Will it be positive or negative? These individual “touchpoints” are what shape the customer experience, and the more touchpoints there are, the more that can go right…or wrong.

Based on The Friedman Group’s 37 years of global on-the-floor experience across all retail sectors, this course focuses on the customer experience—what it is, why it’s important and how to elevate it to a world-class level. The process begins with a deep and revealing self-analysis, then breaks down the process into easily implemented, bite-sized chunks that will help your organization formulate the best customer experience strategy and execution plan.

You and your staff will discover:

  • How customer service differs from customer experience and why
  • The significance of customer advocacy, and why reaching beyond expectation to surprise customers can be crucial
  • How to map your company’s customer touchpoints
  • The six basic touchpoint elements to consider when attempting to bring service at your company to a world-class level
  • The importance of service consistency at every touchpoint in the customer lifecycle and across every department or channel
  • How to create effective strategic and tactical customer experience enhancement plans for your company

Once you have completed your strategic and tactical plans, how will you implement them? Who will lead the change and guide the distribution of resources? What tools will they need and how will they ensure that the employees involved will be able to perform as intended? In Creating a World Class Customer Experience you will find answers to these questions and more to help ensure your organization’s successful transformation. No more guessing or worrying what staff members will do when faced with a customer issue, because each and every one of them will become a proudly empowered brand ambassador!

Program & Course Components

Participant Workbook/Course Manual: Presents the written content of the course along with helpful steps and exercises designed to assess the potential benefits, identify/map your unique set of touchpoints and organize a team to spearhead your cultural change to a new, higher level of service. (Note that the course may be self-driven or facilitated in a classroom or group setting that includes other company executives).