Professional Retail Management Training Course Manual


Managing, motivating and training your staff to boost sales and service

If you want your staff to be obsessed with serving your customers and continually increasing sales, this on-target store management course manual should become your business Bible. Every store manager faces the same daunting mandate—increase sales over last year. Unfortunately, few supervisors bother to explain to explain how, and the goals they conjure are all too often based on wishes and whims, rather than facts and figures.

Used and applauded by retailers representing well over 50,000 stores, our Professional Retail Management course will show you how to establish sales and behavioral standards, gain full compliance from your fully trained staff and quickly generate more sales. The course content takes you from setting realistic and fair sales goals to tracking and improving individual performance, all while strengthening discipline and increasing team spirit.

The exercises and discussion points sprinkled throughout the manual will help you and your team implement the tools and ideas in a logical manner, while gaining essential buy-in on the positive changes about to take place. By the end of the course, you and your store management team will have evolved to a new way of thinking and managing—one that affirms your right to have things done your way and in the best interest of the company!

You and your store management team will discover:

  • How to turn your sales staff’s helplessness into high-performance selling
  • How to accurately and objectively set sales goals
  • Which sales metrics and key performance indicators to track and how they can impact sales
  • How to go from a “have-to” to a “want-to” store culture
  • The right way to handle variation and deviation from best practices
  • How to mast the most critical steps of sales floor management
  • Redefining coaching techniques that will improve everyone’s individual sales performance
  • How establishing esprit de corps will result in better customer service and higher sales

Rather than just preach or scold, this course provides effective solutions for real-life retail challenges and offers practical solutions for common management constraints that can hamper productivity and leave your store’s money on the table.

Program & Course Components

Participant Workbook/Course Manual: Presents the written content of the course including ready-to-use forms, checklists and reference materials. (Note that the course may be self-driven or facilitated by upper management/HR in a classroom or group setting with store managers and assistant managers in attendance).