Professional Retail Employee Development Course Manual


Understanding and harnessing the power of the human factor

More often than not, the most important issues in retail are the ones that get the least amount of attention. Do you have supply chain software that eliminates most out-of-stock problems forever, yet you have no such system to replace employees who leave or perform poorly? You may be perfectly willing to spend thousands of dollars to renovate your stores to attract more customers, but are you resistant to paying your salespeople more for increasing sales to those customers? Sometimes we get so caught up with trying to stay a step ahead of the game that we forget to consider the players.

This course takes a holistic approach to the issues of recruiting, hiring, training, compensating and retaining great employees. It’s all about getting in touch with the driving force of your business—your employees—even before their first day on the job, and following through after their last, should that day ever come.

Program & Course Components

Participant Workbook/Course Manual: Presents the written content of the course including ready-to-use forms, checklists and reference materials. (Note that the course may be self-driven or facilitated by upper management/HR in a classroom or group setting with area supervisors, store managers and assistant managers in attendance).



The average retailer tends to manage their stores day to day, as opposed to strengthening their staff by recruiting, hiring, training, compensating and retaining employees successfully. Throughout this course, you will see your business with the “big picture” perspective that allows you to make exciting changes that will enhance your business while greatly improving employee job satisfaction. For example, you’ll realize that all the sales training in the world won’t have the desired effect of the store manager is not skilled in coaching and enforcing discipline/standards on the selling floor.

The Retail Employee Development course will take you through each essential step in the employee search and development process, effectively helping you to construct your own recruiting and hiring “machine.” The goal is not just to enable you to pinpoint the kind of salesperson you should be hiring, but also to get them to want the job, help them to reach their full potential and then strengthen their desire to stay.

Included are exercises, forms, discussion points and resources that will help you go from “frantically searching” to “selectively choosing” the best person for the job in your store.

You and your store management team will discover:

  • How to recruit, train and retain top-producing retail employees
  • How to qualify and disqualify candidates based on specific qualities you’ve identified
  • How to prescreen candidates quickly, effectively and legally
  • How to evaluate employee applications to identify the most suitable candidates
  • How to prepare and execute the most effective interviews
  • What you can do to minimize employee turnover and maximize retention
  • Which type of compensation plan will work best for your retail organization
  • What steps to take to ensure successful implementation

Retailing methods are constantly evolving and have been since the first sale was made. But the factor that remains somewhat unchanged in today’s omni-channel environment is the human factor—whether it’s someone answering the phone at a call center, responding to an online query with an email or smiling and saying hello at a traditional retail store. Hiring and developing the best possible people to work in your organization—both frontline and back-of-house—is essential to your success. Learn the secrets to creating your dream staff today!